You are invited to join us in Louisiana.

Open to all Pagan groups in the Gulf South and adjacent states.
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This Roundtable is for all pagan groups in Louisiana, Mississippi and other adjacent states to come attend and discuss current issues, events, provide networking opportunities and ultimately discuss as we all can help improve the overall Pagan Community.

This event will be hosted by The Dark Water Kindred of New Orleans, an Asatru Kindred devoted to the Universal practice of the Asatru Religion. Judia and Jonathan are both ranking members of The Asatru Community, a 501c3 religious organization, that promotes and practices Universalist Heathenry. Judia is the Director of Public Relations and Jonathan is the Lead Ambassador for the South Central Region covering 6 different states and works under Judia as the Manager of the Media Creation Team for TAC. Together, Jonathan and Judia are on a mission to help strengthen the pagan community and benefit as many practicing Pagans as

This Roundtable is OPEN to all pagan religions to come. Yes, this means everyone! All Covens, Groups, Kindreds and solitary practitioners are welcome to attend. The event is absolutely free. We all will be attending as equals, all personal drama and convictions will be left at the front gate as the Roundtable meeting is neutral ground. Everyone is safe here. Remember, this to benefit the entire pagan community; this will take some work and effort from all of us.
See you this December!

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