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We have a right as Pagans to join together in fellowship and celebrate our holidays and full moons the way we want.  Here, freedom is a way of life.  The Coven of the Gryphon Wiccan Church is a legal church located in Springfield, LA. We are dedicated to the promotion of the understanding, practice and advancement of Wicca. Our goals are: 

To reach a state of ultimate oneness with the Gods and Goddesses through research, education, training, application, and the perfection of ritual.

To provide the community of Wiccans and Pagans of other paths, a place of celebration, worship, and education. 

To promote an atmosphere of understanding and respect of many various paths and traditions. 

So What is Our Path and Philosophy?

We adhere to the philosophy that all paths are equal and relevant; therefore, we are an eclectic path. We promote the Wiccan Rede, "Do as you will, but do harm to none."  We research the various traditions of self-discovery to find the path that fits us and teach fundamental principals relevant to any group Pagan ritual. We teach good ethics and try our best to adhere to those ethics.  We teach through a tiered system of three degrees (so the individual can achieve Priest/Priestess status) or a non-tiered system to allow the individual to reach their own desired level. We believe in public service; we help those in need (charities, law enforcement, etc.).We believe that all life is sacred and DO NOT perform animal or individual harm while performing rituals, classes, etc. Being a member of this organization or an official guest of a member, you are legally entitled to come to all private get-togethers, teachings, parties, and functions.  It does NOT mean you are "obligated" to us in any way.  You can be inactive and/or stop being a member at any time. 

 We believe everyone has the right to exercise their freedom of choice and religion.If you'd like to join the Coven of the Gryphon Wiccan Church and have the ability to attend private events (which aren't open to the public), please contact us through this website.   

To attend private CGWC events, you must be legally be signed in as a guest of the church; however, registration does NOT OBLIGATE YOU for anything, other than respect at the event.  You will sign the guest book upon entrance.





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