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  • All attendees must stop their car at the front of the property to register and present a photo ID.

  • At this time, public festivals held here are limited to those 21 years old and above.  At private events, those under 21 must be accompanied by a parent.

  • Alcohol is allowed. Illegal drugs are not.  Those who abuse this rule will either be expelled or arrested.  Inebriation may also lead to expulsion.  

  • Well-behaved/controlled pets are allowed.

  • No firearms (including BB guns) are allowed on the property.

  • All events are rain-or-shine.  No refunds will be given.

  • No glass containers by the pool.

  • No diving into the pool!  There is no lifeguard on-duty.

  • You are responsible for the results of your wild-harvesting (i.e. don't blame us if you accidentally make poison ivy tea).

  • Festival camping is only available Thursday thru Sunday, or by special arrangement.

  • Campers, trailers, and RVs are no longer allowed on the property for regular camping; however, they are allowed for special events hosted by Gryphon's Nest. you must provide your own power supply, water, and haul off your black water. 

  • Quiet generators ONLY allowed.

  • The only firewood that can be collected is what has fallen.  Under NO circumstances are limbs to be cut off of trees.  Wood cutting of fallen limbs is allowed during the day until 4PM.

  • Please camp with nature in mind... tree branches fall, snakes sometimes emerge, and swamps are homes to alligators.

  • Campers are responsible for trash pick-up and disposal.  You are required to bring your own trash bags, and to deposit your trash in the garbage cans on the road when you leave.

  • Pictures and videos are allowed as long as consent is obtained.  Any abuse of this will lead to confiscation of the camera and/or your expulsion.

  • Volunteers are always needed at our public festivals.  Get in-touch with us on our contact page.

  • Our gate closes at midnight.  No one in, no one out (unless arranged in advance).

  • We maintain a very delicate balance here.  If we sense any disrespect or abuse of another attendee, you will be ejected on your face without a refund.



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